Welcome to Pass the Can 2017!

Pass the Can is almost here! At this event, volunteers have the opportunity to help Troy Camp raise money to send elementary school students to Troy Camp's annual summer camp in the San Bernardino mountains. During the halftime of the USC Homecoming football game (November 4th - USC vs. ASU),  volunteers will help pass milk jugs around the Coliseum to collect donations from people in the stands. Donations can be made at the game during halftime or online, and goes to help our counselors and mentors empower and mentor the youth of Los Angeles.

While this fundraiser goes on, campers that attended Troy Camp in 2017 will be attending the game, reconnecting with their counselors and friends that they made over summer. This is one of many kids events throughout the year that help foster a long term mentorship for students to promote attendance at further workshops and events. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is Pass the Can?
  • A: Pass the Can is one of Troy Camp's largest fundraisers of the year. During USC Football's homecoming game, Troy Camp counselors and other volunteers help facilitate the passing of over 400 milk jugs around the coliseum for game day visitors to donate money. This money is used to help Troy Camp raise the funds necessary to host their annual summer camp for over 200 elementary school students from 19 different schools in the LAUSD School District. While this fundraiser goes on, Troy Camp also hosts a kids event at the game for the 200 students that went to camp the previous summer. Hosting kids events like this helps foster long term mentorship in the students that went to Troy Camp, and it helps them to reconnect with their friends and counselors from camp that past year. 
  • Q: What do volunteers do?
  • A: 10 minutes before halftime, volunteers come to the pick up spot to pick up their milk jugs, and will then go to their assigned section to help facilitate the passing of the milk jugs during halftime. Once the jug has been passed around their full section, the volunteers will return the jug back to the drop off spot. Other than that, volunteers are welcome to enjoy the game and have a fun time!
  • Q: Do I need to buy my own ticket in order to volunteer at the game?
  • A: Nope! Troy Camp will supply all volunteers with a free ticket to the game. Troy Camp is so grateful for volunteers to donate their time to help fundraise, so volunteers that do not have a ticket to the game already will not need to buy a ticket.
  • Q: When is Pass the Can?
  • A: Pass the Can is Saturday, November 4th. Game time is TBD. This is USC's Homecoming Game, and hosting this fundraiser during the Homecoming game has become a tradition for Troy Camp and the entire USC community.
  • Q: If I can't go to the game, can I still donate?
  • A: Yes! We have an online portal where anyone, at the game or not, is able to donate electronically. Visit www.troycamp.org/donate to do so! 
  • Q: Who can I contact with more questions?
  • A: All questions or inquiries can be directed to the Executive Director of Fundraising: Pass the Can. His name is Ezie "Chips" Nguyen, and his email is passthecan@troycamp.org.