Troy Camp is one of USC's oldest and largest student-run philanthropies, providing long-term mentorship for students in South Los Angeles. Together, we engage in educational, extracurricular, and leadership programs to foster personal growth and instill the value of learning. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Who We Are

Our organization is run entirely by student volunteers at the University of Southern California. We come from all over the world and have many different stories and backgrounds, but we're all commited to helping our campers achieve their dreams. Get to know a few of our counselors and read their favorite memories:

Cookie Monster


USC Class of 2015.

"Troy Camp has shown me that mentorship is mutual. From clowning around with water guns to having serious talks about the future, my experiences with the kids have taught me more than I have been able to teach them."

Lincoln Logs


Class of 2015.

"My favorite memory of TC are the times I've spent with the 5th grade cabins at Out-Camp sleeping under the stars with my girls. The experience that they shared with each other this year is something I wouldn't trade for the world."



Class of 2015.

"After camp, I sent my campers a letter with camp pictures. I tutored one of my boys the following school year, and on the first day, he ran up to me with a big smile and pulled out the photos. He still keeps them in his backpack."

What We Do

Troy Camp was founded in 1948 by a small group of USC students. Today, we are one of the university's oldest and largest philanthropies, working every day with hundreds of kids of all ages from the schools around USC's campus in South Los Angeles. In the summer, we host a week-long camp in the San Bernadino Mountains for 200 lucky elementary students. During the school year, we have a variety of after-school programs for elementary, middle, and high school students. We're non-denominational, not for profit, and all of our programs are free for students. Use the tabs below to learn more about our programs.

A Trojan Family Tradition

In 1948, USC student Otis Healy founded Troy Camp, a 10-day summer camp for underprivileged boys in South Los Angeles. More than six decades have passed since that first camp, which ran with just 15 counselors and 45 campers. Camp traditions are passed down from generation to generation, each adding a little of their own unique spirit to the story of Troy Camp. We've expanded our reach and added many new programs over the years, and today we're the largest student-run philanthropy on campus, committed to working with elementary, middle, and high school students year-round.

A Week of Adventure

Every year since 1948, Troy Camp has taken hundreds of local Los Angeles children on an unforgettable week-long camp adventure, during which the campers create life-long mentor/mentee relationships with the college students who attend the University of Southern California. At camp, the children experience many new things, including hiking, horseback riding, swimming, arts & crafts, campfires, and bonding with other campers selected from the 20 local schools with which we work. The week of camp, along with all of our other programs, have always been completely free!

Campers are divided into cabins by age and gender. Each cabin is guided by two cabin counselors and a handful of "family" members. Cabin groups form into close-knit groups, and allow kids to make lasting friendships with counselors and fellow campers.

Everyone in camp belongs to a color team, each with its own style and attitude. While cabins are a more quiet and intimate, color teams are a chance for kids and counselors to be as loud and enthusiastic as possible. Teams compete in sports, cheering, eating, and just about everything imaginable!

Troy Camp accepts 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students from LAUSD schools in the USC area. Spots are limited, so applications are given out to selected students by individual teachers in the Spring of each school year. Please contact us to get more information on the application process.

A Year of Discovery

The Troy Camp experience doesn’t end with camp. Throughout the following school year, campers and counselors reunite each month for new adventures and activities. In past years, we’ve gone to Disneyland, visited the LA Zoo, competed in our very own Color Team Olympics, cooked holiday feasts, and explored museums in Expo Park. These outings are a chance for campers and counselors to further strengthen their mentor-mentee relationships and allow us to encourage students to pursue higher education. And just like camp, all of these activities are always completely free.

A Lifetime of Growth

Troy Camp's ultimate mission is to act as a family of mentors for our students throughout their young lives. Our middle and high school programs are designed to maintain that relationship as our students grow.

Leaders in Training is our program for middle school students. Each week, we meet to engage in leadership activities, group discussions, and community service activities. The program is designed to ease the transition into high school and help students to establish healthy study habits and leadership skills.

Contact Katie "Capn' Crutch" Gaitan, the director of L.I.T. at lit@troycamp.org for more information about this program.

TC Leads is our after-school program for high-school students and is designed to build on the leadership skills gained in LIT. Our counselors are knowledgeable about the process of moving into higher education, and each week we work together to help students find and pursue their passion. We host workshops for college applications, gender issues, interview skills, public speaking, social media, and many other topics that might get left out of school curriculums. Like all our programs, TC Leads is 100% free. Contact Manan "Cookie Monster" Shah at tc.leads@troycamp.org for details.

A Helping Hand

Every week, Troy Camp organizes after-school programming at various elementary schools in the South Los Angeles area. Our two programs are called SMASH, which stands for Student Mentoring and After School Help, and SP, or Specialized Programming. These programs are available to any student at the school, regardless of whether or not they have gone to Camp and are always completely free

During our ninety-minute SMASH sessions, we spend the first hour helping the students with their homework. We try to teach them good study skills and homework habits, and help them learn any concepts that they might be struggling with. For the last half hour, we do an activity called the "marketplace." We plan an arts and crafts or science project to reward students for their hard work and concentration during the hourlong homework period.

Our Specialized Programming focuses on extracurricular subjects, and is meant to foster students' interest in new topics and hobbies. In the past, we have done a variety of different SP's, including PE, Dance, Theatre, Art, Science, or Music. These hourlong sessions give students a chance to be creative and inquisitive, and often culminate with a showcase for friends and family at the end of the semester.

Contact Andie "Diglet" Furber at school.programming@troycamp.org for more information about these programs and how to sign up.

Watch Troy Camp 2014 in Action

Join the TC Family

Troy Camp is more than just one of USC's largest and most diverse philanthropy groups. Troy Camp is a tight knit community within our larger Trojan Family. Since 1948, Troy Camp has brought together students from different majors, backgrounds, and interests under one common passion - providing a unique experience that fosters the growth and leadership of students throughout South Central Los Angeles. Our dedication and enthusiasm for our programming is evident every time Troy Camp is brought up with any of our counselors, both current and past. We hope that the relationships we build with our campers last a lifetime, but the relationships we build with each other definitely transcend our time here at USC.


The counselor application period for the 2014-15 school year has ended. Stay updated about other opportunities to get involved by liking us on Facebook and following us on Instagram!

Help Us Change Lives

Our organization depends on the generosity of our friends in the USC community and beyond. With your support, we can change the lives of children in South Los Angeles.

We believe in the power of mentorship. As counselors, we volunteer our time because we have seen the impact that our enthusiasm and personalized attention can have in changing the lives of the students we work with. Every one of our campers has a unique story. They may face challenges in their lives and roadblocks on the way to success. During our time with them, it's our goal to make sure that they have the tools to be agents of change in their own lives. We work to connect with each student, learn about their stories, and help them to feel that they are part of a larger family of people willing to lend a helping hand. We envision a future in which each and every one of our campers is confident in their ability to be agents of change in their own lives. To achieve these goals, Troy Camp depends on the support of our friends. You enable us to give our students the personalized attention and eye-opening experiences they need to grow as people. A gift of any size to our organization has the power to directly change the life of a child. So from the bottom of our hearts and the top of our lungs, thank you!

send a kid to camp!

$160 - Give the gift of adventure! Your donation will cover the cost of our week-long summer camp for one lucky child.

sponsor a field trip!

$1500 - Your gift will allow our campers and counselors to reunite during the school year for an exciting and eye-opening adventure in LA.

adopt a cabin!

$4000 - Your gift will be the foundation for a tight-knit family of students and mentors. Covers the cost of sending 10 kids and their 2 Cabin Counselors to camp.

Because Troy Camp is run entirely by student volunteers and we have no paid employees, 97% of all Troy Camp funds go directly to serving the children we work with. As such, you can be certain that your donation will have a direct impact on the community and the children of South-Central Los Angeles. USC Troy Camp operates as a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization and the value of any donated items are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

Pass the Can 2014

October 18, LA Coliseum

Pass the Can is Troy Camp's largest fundraiser and one of USC's oldest traditions. Each year we take over the LA Coliseum during halftime of the USC Trojans Homecoming football game. Thousands of volunteers help us to pass milk jugs around the stadium to raise money for our programs.

We need your help! Volunteer to help pass milk jugs for just 15 minutes at half time, and you'll get free admission to the game, a free T-Shirt, and coupons for Yogurtland Frozen Yogurt. It's a quick, fun, and easy way to support Troy Camp and the children we work with.

Click here to volunteer!

As an official Pass the Can volunteer, you will pass empty milk jugs through the rows of the Coliseum during the USC homecoming game on October 18th. At the end of halftime, you will return the milk jugs (full of donations!) to Troy Camp staff. It will take 15 minutes of your time and all proceeds go towards sending LA kids to a week of summer camp followed by a full year of mentorship, education and fun! Here's what you need to know:

  • All volunteers will get a free ticket to the Homecoming game, a free T-shirt, and a Yogurtland coupon
  • You do not need to be a USC student to volunteer.
  • Volunteers must be at least 18 years old.
  • You can sit wherever you want. After volunteering for 15 minutes during halftime, you can go back to your seat.
  • You can volunteer with a friend! Please enter your friend's name when you fill out the form so we can place you together. Your friend must also sign up and list your name.
  • For more questions, contact the director of Pass the Can, Matt "Gusher" Arechaederra, at passthecan@troycamp.org
Can't make it to the game? Donate online with Pass the Virtual Can!

Partner with Troy Camp

Sponsoring Troy Camp events is a great way to raise awareness for your brand in the USC community. Our organization has a strong and recognizable visual presence on campus and in our neighborhood. For more information on partnership with Troy Camp, contact our fincance director Josh "Pumbaa" Chung at finance@troycamp.org.

TC Love to our sponsors

Head Counselor

Gayle & Edward P. Roski, Jr., and Majestic Realty Co.

Role Model

Otis Healy, Patrick C. Haden and the Rose Hills Foundation


Robert Dockson, Robert Scofield & Lynne Apostle, Katie "Jack in the Box" Perri, Katie "Freestyle" Trefz, Brandon "Wipeout" Smith, USC Libraries, USC Panhellenic Council, USC Student Affairs and Campus Life, WHH Foundation

...and even more Warm and Fuzzies to:

  • Katie "Jack in the Box" Perri
  • Otis Healy
  • Kayla Dougherty
  • Ian Maher
  • Mary Ann Yaghdjian
  • Brandon "Wipeout" Smith
  • USC Libraries
  • USC Student Life
  • Katie "Freestyle" Trefz
  • Patrick C. Haden
  • USC Panhellenic Council
  • Katheryn & Robert Dockson
  • The Scofield Family
  • William H. Hurt Foundation
  • Zero Uno Consulting
  • The Levine Family
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  • USC Libraries
  • The Rose Hills Foundation
  • The Ingram Family
  • The Welborn Family
  • Target Corporation
  • Perlman Family Foundation
  • Art 4 Moore
  • USC Alumni Association
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  • Stephanie "Nala" Champion
  • Idyllwild Pines Camp
  • USC Neighborhood Outreach
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  • USC Undergraduate Student Government

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For general questions and comments, contact our director of Communication, Brad "Sofa" Silling at communication@troycamp.org

USC Troy Camp

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frequently asked questions

  • Who can go to Troy Camp?

    Troy Camp accepts students from a number of LAUSD schools in the USC area. Students can be in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade. We're non-demoninational and welcome students from all backgrounds.

  • How do you select who goes to camp?

    Due to limited space, applications are given out in the spring by school administrators and teachers to a select group of students. Our application is based on written answers by the student and his or her teacher . We carefully read each application and make our selections based on which students we believe will benefit most from his or her time at Camp, taking everything we can into consideration.

  • How much does Troy Camp cost?

    All of our programs are 100% free for all accepted students! We rely on donations from our friends in the USC community and beyond.

  • Can students participate in Troy Camp's other programs if they did not attend camp?

    TUnfortunately, our limited space only allows us to accept students who went to our camp in elementary school. However, our after-school programs are available to everyone.

  • Who runs Troy Camp?

    Troy Camp is run entirely by students at the University of Southern California. Our counselors come from diverse places and backgrounds. We undergo rigorous training to ensure the safety and growth of the students.

  • How can I become a counselor?

    If you're an undergraduate student at USC, fill out an application in August! Applications are due September 11.

Meet our directors

Troy Camp's directors are current USC undergrad volunteers elected by the organization.

Patrick "MeowMaid" Mazuca - Co-Executive Director- coexecs@troycamp.org

Patrick Mazuca is one of the Co-Executive Directors of USC Troy Camp. Going on his fourth year of Troy Camp involvement, Patrick has served as Director of Counselor Affairs and as a camp Wacky. Patrick has had a wide range of experience working with children, which started with his volunteer work for the Santa Ana Police Athletics and Activities League in Orange County California. During the summer, Patrick works as a Lead Counselor at Camp James in Newport Beach where he works with a wide range of children, including those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. A senior double majoring in Political Science and Public Relations, Patrick hopes to find a career that combines his passions for public service, communication and education. Patrick will graduate in spring of 2015 where we hopes to go on to receive his teaching credential and eventually become a teacher.

John "Columbus" Ingram - Co-Executive Director- coexecs@troycamp.org

John serves as one of the Co-Executive Directors of Troy Camp. Hailing from Massachusetts, he studies Sociology with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship. John has been a TC counselor for four years. On only the second day of his first camp, his camper said, "Columbus, this is the best day of my life." Granted he just threw a water balloon at John's face, but the boy's words were genuine. It is the little things that matter most, and it is the small victories in Troy Camp that add up to something great. As Co-Executive Direcotr, he oversees all the small victories to ensure the program is creating great results. Kids first is his guiding principle. Outside of Troy Camp, he has worked for the USC Volunteer Center and Jumpstart and is a member of Mortar Board and Phi Beta Kappa honor societies. Upon graduation in 2015, he hopes to have a career in urban education.

Caroline "Snapple" Cannan - Director of Camp Programming- camp.programming@troycamp.org

Snapple is from Laguna Beach, California. She is a Junior majoring in Social Sciences with an emphasis in Psychology with minors in both Spanish and Applied Theater Arts. As Director of Camp Programming, Snapple is in charge of planning and executing our weeklong summer camp filled with activities, performances, and of course fun up in the mountains during the last week of May. Snapple absolutely loves camp. Her favorite memories are from being a Cabin Counselor and getting to inspire her amazing campers both during the week in the mountains and throughout Troy Camp’s yearlong programming.

Andie "Diglett" Furber - Director of School Programming- school.programming@troycamp.org

As the Director of School Programming, Andie has the wonderful job of planning and coordinating all of our after-school programs at South Los Angeles' local elementary schools. This includes our ninety-minute tutoring program, SMASH, and our Special Programming, which consists of multiple arts, science, and fitness programs. During a typical school week, we have eleven different programs at four elementary schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Favorite TC Memory: Andie's favorite Troy Camp memory happened during SMASH. She was helping a girl with her math homework, and quickly realized that she couldn't do long division. She started crying because the homework was too hard, but Andie walked her through the process step-by-step for an hour, and after trying about fifteen different problems, she finally got it. She had the biggest smile on her face, and right before Andie left, the girl said, "Thank you, Diglett. I never thought that I could do it."

Brad "Sofa" Silling - Director of Communication- communication@troycamp.org

Sofa is an architecture student from Albuquerque, New Mexico. As director of communication, he oversees the organization's online interactions. He designed this website to better connect with campers, counselors, and donors. Sofa's favorite part of Troy Camp, however, is the time he gets to spend exploring the solar system with the 3rd grade boys of his cabin, B2 Blastoff.

Mariah "Lincoln Logs" Robinson - Director of Camper Recruitment- camper.recruitment@troycamp.org

Mariah Robinson is the Director of Camper Recruitment for the 2014 - 2015 school year. She is currently a senior at the University of Southern California where she is a Theatre major and a Marketing minor. Mariah is an Austin, Texas native, but she's loving all of this California sunshine. She loves to explore Los Angeles and all of the donut shops around the city. At USC, Mariah is also apart of Alpha Delta Pi, a sorority where she held the position of New Member Coordinator in 2013. This school year, as the Director of Camper Recruitment, Mariah will get to select all of our future campers that will go to Troy Camp in the summer of 2015!

Josh "Pumbaa" Chung - Director of Finance- finance@troycamp.org

Josh Chung is the Director of Finance and Donor Relations for USC Troy Camp. He prepares budgets, manages accounts, and works with the directors of fundraising and grants to ensure the overall financial health of Troy Camp. In addition to this, he also looks for and follows up with potential corporate partners throughout Greater Los Angeles and Orange County. In addition to Troy Camp, Josh has over four years of experience working with children through organizing a leadership conference for elementary schools in Cerritos, California. Upon graduating in the spring of 2016 with a degree in business administration and a minor in music industry, Josh hopes to find a career that combines his love for music, public service, and business.

Katherine "Magellan" Dorosk - Director of Fundraising - Gala- gala@troycamp.org

Katherine Dorosk is the Director of Fundraising: Gala for USC Troy Camp. She is responsible for putting on the annual fundraising gala in the Spring as well as smaller fundraisers during the Fall semester. Katherine has worked as a counselor and mentor for elementary through high school students through her local summer camps, National Charity League, and being a peer tutor. Outside of Troy Camp, Katherine is also an active member of USC Concerts. As a junior majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Music Industry, Katherine hopes to pursue a career in live music, particularly in the production of benefit concerts or festivals, after graduating in Spring 2016.

Matt "Gusher" Arechaederra - Director of Fundraising - Pass the Can- passthecan@troycamp.org

Matt Arechaederra is a senior double majoring in accounting information systems and finance. Matt has been a Troy Camp counselor for four years, having previously served as the organization's Director of Finance and Donor Relations. Upon graduating, Matt hopes to pursue a career in public accounting. In his spare time, Matt enjoys spending time with his family and training in jiu jitsu.

Katie "Cap'n Crutch" Gaitan - Director of Leaders in Training (LIT)- lit@troycamp.org

Cap’n Crutch is a sophomore from Newport Beach, California. She is pursing a major in Philosophy, Politics, and Law and a minor in English. This is her second year in Troy Camp. As the Director of Leaders in Training (LIT), Cap'n is responsible for organizing the TC middle school program that grows leadership skills in 7th and 8th grade students through bimonthly workshops and activities. Working with middle school students is right up her alley. Cap'n has volunteered for six years with youth leadership organization called TACSC that mentors junior high students just like LIT. One of Cap'n Crutch's favorite favorite TC memories was exploring the creek in Idyllwild with her G3 campers this past May. Watching them experience such awe and wonder is something she’ll never forget. She is thrilled to see those girls grow up through yearlong programming this year and be a part of the LIT program someday.

Manan "Cookie Monster" Shah - Director of TC Leads- tc.leads@troycamp.org

As the director of High School Programming, Cookie Monster helps to run Troy Camp's TC Leads program, designed to help students transition to adult life and higher education.

Olivia "Puka" Sapin - Director of Yearlong Programming- yearlong@troycamp.org

Olivia Sapin is the Director of Yearlong Programming for USC Troy Camp. She oversees our kids events, working to create engaging and educational monthly programs for those students who attended camp. Currently, Olivia is studying Sociology & Middle East Studies with a minor in Children and Families in Urban America. After graduation, she hopes to join the PeaceCorps in the Youth Development area and ultimately advance a career working with juveniles in the prison system. Olivia will be graduating in the Spring of 2015.

Rachel "Arizona" Rehert - Director of Grants and Itemized Gifts- grants@troycamp.org

Rachel Rehert is a senior at USC, double majoring in psychology and Spanish. She is currently serving her second year as the Director of Grants and Itemized Gifts for USC Troy Camp. Her primary duties include writing grant applications, requesting tangible gift donations, and assessing the impact of Troy Camp’s programs through survey collection. Apart from her involvement in Troy Camp, Rachel volunteers in a first grade classroom at 32nd Street School and works in a neuro-economics laboratory on campus. She is in the process of completing a psychology honors thesis with plans to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical psychology after graduation.

Steven "Microsoft" Rahbany - Director of Public Relations- public.relations@troycamp.org

Steven is a senior majoring in Art and Design. He manages Troy Camp's social media and campus presence, as well as coordinating counselor-alumni relations.

Board of Advisors

Our advisors are current USC faculty members commited to seeing Troy Camp fulfill its mission to the community.

Dr. Celso "Grinder" Delgado, Jr. Assistant Professor - USC Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
Lily Chowana-Bandhu Director of Campus Activities
Robert “Sensei” Hernandez Adjunct Lecturer, USC School of Social Work
Monique Allard Assistant Provost for Student Engagement

Financial Advisors

Katie Perri Chief Financial Advisor and USC Alum

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