Hello! My name is Marla Ross and I am the Director of Counselor Affairs for USC Troy Camp. In this position, I have the privilege of recruiting and educating our newest class of counselors and ensuring that all counselors have a positive, impactful experience.

Founded in 1948 by USC student Otis Healy, Troy Camp is an integral part of the USC community. As one of the university’s oldest and largest philanthropy organizations, we are committed to providing long-term mentorship for the youth of South Los Angeles. Throughout the school year, we offer various weekly programs for children in 3rd through 12th grade, as well as our annual camp in May.

Being a counselor in Troy Camp has been by far the most meaningful part of my USC experience, and has helped me grow immensely as a human being.
It has allowed me to be involved in and feel as though I have a part in my local community, has introduced me to some incredible kids who have shown me the importance of mentorship, and has fostered friendships that will last a lifetime. Whether it has been tutoring at a local elementary school every week, playing ridiculous trivia games with high school seniors, or mentoring my cabin of fifth grade girls I could not be more grateful for each and every one of my Troy Camp experiences that has helped shape me into the person that I am today, and has demonstrated that-- even if it's just a hard won smile-- our Commitment to Friendship is truly impactful.

For more information about Counselor Recruitment, please continue exploring this section of our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at counselors@troycamp.org.

TC Love,

Marla "Muscle Milk" Ross Director of Counselor Affairs USC Troy Camp

Important Links:

Please sign up for an Interview Slot AFTER you submit your Application! 

Important Dates:

  • August 21: Application & Interview Slots Live on Website (see above)
  • August 23: Involvement Fair 11am-2pm
  • August 30: Info Session 6:30-7:30pm @ URC 203B
  • August 31: Info Session 6:00-7:00pm @ URC 203B
  • September 5: Info Session 5:00-6:00pm @URC 104
  • September 5: Open Meeting 7:30-8:30pm***
  • September 6: Info Session 5:30-6:30pm @URC 104
  • September 8: Application Due
  • September 11-17: Interviews
  • September 26: Decisions released!

***We will meet you at Tommy Trojan and will walk you to meeting from there!

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What are the requirements to apply?
    All applicants must be registered undergraduate students at the University of Southern California for the Fall 2017 semester. You must be a full-time undergraduate student enrolled in at least twelve units. Unfortunately, Spring 2018 Admits cannot apply for the Fall 2017 application period.

  • What is the application process like?
    To apply to Troy Camp, all interested students must complete the written application by September 8, 2017 at 11:59 PM. The application is available here on www.troycamp.org starting August 21, 2017 and must be emailed to counselors@troycamp.org with the subject line, “New Counselor Application.” Upon submitting your application, applicants must schedule an interview (link will be provided above after August 21, 2017). Interviews will take place September 11-17, 2017. Interviews are conducted in groups, and the dress code is Business Casual. Please bring a printed copy of your application to your interview. Decisions will be emailed out after the application and interview processes have been completed.

  • What does being a USC Troy Camp counselor involve?
    As a Troy Camp counselor, you are presented with many opportunities to get involved within the organization. Every week, Troy Camp offers a variety of programs that counselors can choose to participate in. These include SMASH, an elementary school tutoring program; Specialized Programming, elementary school extracurricular programs; Leaders In Training, a middle school mentorship and leadership program; and TC Leads high school mentorship program. Additionally, once a month, Troy Camp hosts “Kids Events” for the children who attended camp the previous year. These are held at various places around LA, such as the Zoo, the beach, or a USC Football game. Lastly, all Troy Camp counselors are given the opportunity to apply to be a counselor at our annual weeklong camp, which is held every May.

  • What is the time commitment?
    For the most part, counselors pick their Troy Camp programming schedule based on their availability. The average time commitment is approximately 3 hours per week: one Tuesday night meeting and one to two tutoring or mentorship programs. Additionally, we ask that all members attend our Kids Events, which are held once a month, typically on Saturdays. We ask for as much time as possible, but understand that other commitments can permit some members from attending more programming.

  • What kind of applicants are you looking for?
    When recruiting our new members, we look for USC students of all backgrounds, majors, ethnicities, and ages. While experience working with children is always a plus, it is definitely not a requirement. Above all, we are looking for people who have a genuine passion for and interest in mentorship and making an impact on the community around USC. To learn more about some of our current counselors, click here.

  • Do I need to have experience working with kids?
    While prior experience working with children is always a plus, it is absolutely not a requirement. Upon acceptance, all members are required to complete a mandatory USC training that will provide all of the information needed to work with children. Additionally, new counselors are given extensive information upon acceptance that will prepare them to attend our programs and be an excellent mentor.

  • Where can I learn more about Troy Camp?
    To learn more, please continue to explore our website, check us out on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram at @usctroycamp. Also, check out our Troy Camp Blog that consists of posts written by some of our Troy Camp Counselors.

  • Who can I contact with questions?
    All questions and inquiries should be directed to our Director of Counselor Affairs,  Marla "Muscle Milk" Ross, at counselors@troycamp.org.