Troy Camp is Like Magic

By Andie “Diglett” Furber

On the last night of camp in 2014, my third grade campers and I were sitting in the meadow underneath the stars. To close our week at camp, we were reflecting upon the memories we had made, the friendships we had built, and sharing the magic of summer camp one last time. Just before we headed to bed, my quietest camper chimed in, saying, “I can’t go home yet. Troy Camp is like magic.”

Well, she was right. Troy Camp is like magic. But even more, Troy Camp is home. In my three years as a Troy Camp counselor, I have built a home with my fellow counselors and our campers: a place where I feel comfortable, important, and happy. Troy Camp gives me a purpose, and assures me that being myself is more than enough. Troy Camp provides a special little place for each of our counselors and campers where amazing things can happen.

Troy Camp is where kids can be kids. Totally removed from “real life,” our campers can ride horses, play make-believe, and show off what makes them special.

Troy Camp is where people can be whoever they want to be. At Troy Camp, I go by “Diglett,” and Diglett is absolutely the best version of myself. Diglett is energetic, unfailingly positive, and unafraid to be herself. I can only hope that our campers feel that same comfort and ease around their counselors and each other.

Troy Camp is a place of love. A wise counselor, Sofa, once said that Troy Camp taught him to love people unconditionally, and he was absolutely right. At Troy Camp, there is an indescribable care and love that touches everybody. 

After I graduate, when I think of my “home” at USC, I won’t think of my apartments, or my houses, or even the campus itself. I will think of Troy Camp. Troy Camp has this special way of making everybody feel loved, special, and in place. At Troy Camp, everybody belongs.