21 Major Things That Happened In Troy Camp In 2015-2016

By: Martin “Rotisserie’ Torres

2015-2016 was a major year for all things Troy Camp!

1.) A new E-Board begins a journey of greatness

Here you can see the 2015-2016 E-Board attempting to take a group picture; but you have to give it to them, they rocked a great year for TC

2. We started the search for a new class of amazing counselors

TC searched far and wide for the next new member class of counselors who would make the organization as great as it was. After a long time of interviews and applications, about 88 new members were recruited for the best time they could ever imagine.

3. Aaaaaand the New Members take over!

ounselor Affairs Director Diglett and AD QWOP led the new members on their retreat through the mountains! What a great day.


4. Natural History Museum ft. Double Dare

The first Kids Event (where we bring back all of the kids who went to camp the past summer for a fun day of activities once a month) with the newest class of counselors was held at the Natural History Museum; I got to meet B3 (which would become my future cabin) and see what a messy and fun time Double Dare was!



irector of Fundraising for Pass the Can, Fishstick, spearheaded one of the most successful Pass the Cans in TC’s history raising almost $29K. Not only did we get to hang out with the cabins while watching USC win on our own turf, but raise money to send future kids to camp as well!

6. LIT goes to the Getty!

Oh LIT, a program dear to my heart. For their fall retreat, these middle schoolers (who are all past campers!) and counselors had a great cultural filled day exploring the Getty!


hances are you’ve seen others or myself on campus wearing these or any other TC apparel 24/7. It’s comfy, nice, and on par with (if not better than) USC gear if you ask me.

8. SP Dance @ the Expressions Showcase

TBT to the time where the 3rd-5th graders (from our after school programs at local elementary schools) were able to dance better than myself and the other counselors in front of an audience of hundreds! These kids are talented.


Here is B5 at Disneyland; but all 20 cabins enjoyed a very magical day at the happiest place on Earth. Whether it was riding Splash Mountain, meeting Mickey, or just walking in the park, you see the magic fill the kids’ hearts.

10. S'mores and TC Love

Right before break, the Secret Santa exchange occurred and a bonfire was held at Car Gar. The TC love was real

11.  Aaaaaand we’re back!

Dreams Day kicked off the first yearlong event back for TC- shout out to the photo booth of wacky pictures for all the cabins. Various student organizations (and even local firefighters!) volunteered to inspire our campers to follow their dreams!

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 7.45.29 PM.png

2. TC Leads

Our TC Lead students (high school students who went to camp when they were younger) led the stations at our March Kid’s Event. Some of them even returned to camp this year to be JCs (Junior Counselors)!

13. Sleepover Time!

This year’s director of Yearlong, Purpella (pictured above in the white onsie) planned a Sleepover in the TCC Campus Ballroom for all cabins along with a special appearance from magician Christian Ford (AKA Christian the Magician) from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Plus Monsters University before bed was the icing on the cake.

14. You know what Spring Retreat means… Camp is Coming!

We headed up the mountain to Idyllwild Pines (the camp where our namesake Troy Camp is held each summer) to get in camp mode! At Spring retreat the color teams, co-counselors, and more were revealed as we all got ready to welcome the kids in May!

15. Pancakes? I mean Pancakes!!!

Troy Camp had a fundraiser with the always delicious local breakfast joint: Jacks N Joe. Order the best chocolate chip pancakes in the world, the Roo’s favorite and 100% of the money goes to TC! Win/Win!

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 7.49.36 PM.png

6. GALA!

hile I was not able to partake in Gala, I heard the event was a blast. A special shoutout to  Rickshaw for planning such an amazing event and raising the most ever in TC History!

17. TC End of the Year Banquet

Wow, this year flew by. And just when you thought the new member class posts were done, I have squeezed one last picture. Each Troy Camp experience is different, but these people right here (and some who couldn’t make it) gave their heart and soul for our kids. I’m excited to see where we all go going forward. #2015/2016NewMembersRule (Thank You Diglett for being a great Counselor Affairs Mentor) As well, each senior gave a speech of how much TC means to him or her, and with that, it really showed me that Troy Camp truly is home.

18. Time for Pre-Campppp!

After a whole year of waiting, it was time to pack up, buy decorations, and plan out last minute things before we headed over to Idyllwild for that weeklong magical camp. Can’t you tell we’re excited?

19. And the week has come!

This week spent up in the mountains with my wonderful cabin B3 was the most magical week. From campfire to the Amazing Race to Feed Your Counselor lunch and everything in between, I couldn’t have asked for a better week. I can’t wait to see my campers again in September for our first Yearlong event!

20. Last Campfire...

his definitely was one of the most magical nights of the whole camp: the last campfire. By this time you’ve experienced it all, you’ve had one of the best weeks of your life and it hits you that this is the last night. With a special song and dedication, tears of sadness and joy may come out (Tears were certainly rolling down my face) but it is here when you realize just how special Troy Camp is.

21. One Magical Year filled with lots of TC Love

And with that, my first year in Troy Camp ended. But my TC love for all the counselors and my own cabin keeps going. Being part of LIT, TC Leads, Smash, Yearlong, and Camp itself allowed me to find a home at USC and friends that I know will be there for life. I highly recommend anybody interested to join: it is a decision you will not regret. And as they say “There are small ships and tall ship, and ships that sail the sea. But the best ships are friendships, and may they ever be.”

Extra: 22. TC Love never ends, so let’s see what 2016-2017 brings forth!